Writing Strategy


The first website I ever wrote was for an imaginary bank. I made up a whole town, complete with community events, a fictional corporate history, and even fake executives. It was for a service IBM offered that allowed small banks to easily set up their own site using a template. I’ve gone on to write copy for many more. Most of these, because of the dynamic nature of the Internet, are long gone. But here are a few of my favorites.

In three separate projects for eBay, I've helped tell their users how to make the most of all the site has to offer. So whether you're buying or selling autos, art and antiques, or anything else, I hope I made the experience easier


Deborah House, president of the Adare Group, knows as much as anybody I ever met about profitability. In fact, she almost knows too much. So she needed somebody to hone it down to a manageable size—and to make sure it was clear to those of us who lacked her vast knowledge of the subject. After hours of conversation, and lots of reading, I worked with Keoki Design to write and produce her website, several presentations, her first newsletter, some lecture handouts, and a couple of article teasers.