Writing Strategy


A lot of marketing is done online. Everything from banners and eblasts to Facebook pages and newsletters. Here are some that were particularly effective.

Cisco provides their partners with a wealth of resources—among them, Collateral Builder. This tool allows partners to customize marketing pieces to help them sell into specific markets. Working with DeCarolis Design & Marketing, I've done quite a few pieces for a wide variety of vertical markets. Here's one set we just did for manufacturing—a postcard and eblast.
Working with Envision Technology Marketing Group, I interviewed a variety of Cisco personnel for content on this lead article for the quarterly Cisco e-zine Cisco Broadband News. These same interviews, with some independent research, also formed the basis of several supporting articles.
A lot of small and medium-sized companies think of Cisco Systems as an enterprise provider. While Cisco certainly has plenty of enterprise customers, they also sell a lot of products and solutions for smaller businesses. DeCarolis Design & Marketing and I helped set up the Yahoo! SMB Cisco Solution Center to better reach this market. These banners directed Yahoo! users to the site.