Writing Strategy


For all the talk about how everything is online or social, clients keep asking for collateral. From my own background in sales, I think these pieces are effective because prospects like to have something to read later. Perhaps a document they can pass along to others on their team. For all their usefulness, they are often the hardest pieces to make fresh and unique. Here are some I think succeed.

Xicato wanted to start a conversation about the color quality of white light to highlight the technology advances they’d made in the field. But they also wanted a piece that was accessible to their usual technology-savvy audience, a less experience prospect, and the trade press. This was the result.

Xicato Brochure

A leader in digital printing, EFI is always working on the next new thing. I helped them launch their newest mobile printing solution PrintMe Mobile with messaging, a datasheet, brochure, and web copy.

Like many technology companies, EFI helps educate their customers so they can get the most out of their investments. This brochure was for the launch of their latest program in certification.
For this project, I worked with the design staff at Metier Marketing. Their startup client, MartSoft, had a show date looming and wanted a piece that presented their product and company in the best possible light. The good news: Several prospects at the show told MartSoft that they had considered them too small to be a viable vendor in the past, but that their professional presentation prompted a second look.
Halleck Communications brought me in on the launch of the new Agilent Photonic Switching Platform because of my extensive knowledge of the networking market. In addition to this brochure, I wrote two product datasheets, web text, and an industry trade article that was also used as a whitepaper. The launch was an unqualified success, with Agilent stock prices soaring 40% the next day on news of the product release.