Writing Strategy

Case Studies

Nobody is more believable than somebody like you who has already used the product. So I love to do case studies and success stories. Not only do I feel they’re extraordinarily compelling, but I always learn something from talking to real customers.

To demonstrate the business uses and benefits of their technology and products, Edify commissioned me to do these two case studies. I've also done a number of sales sheets for them—and even served as the ghostwriter for the company's CEO on a book chapter.

Please note that these PDFs are large: 1.3 MB and 2.3MB.

After all the years Ampro has been in business, they have a lot of satisfied customers. So we started a series of success stories to highlight them. Here's one we did with Anritsu.

Working with the Internet Commerce and Marketing group at Cisco Systems, I did personal and phone interviews with people in all the businesses in the story. From this input, I developed structure and content that effectively demonstrated the business potential of online business models—even in a business as small as this one! Cisco also used this story as the basis for a press release and magazine article.