Writing Strategy


These aren’t samples of my most recent work. But I like them. They get the message across memorably.

To kick off a new sales program, Cisco ran this ad in VAR News. DeCarolis Design & Marketing and I did it for them in their new look and voice.
The third-largest ASIC manufacturer, Toshiba lacks visibility in the industry. So, The Uhlan Group assembled a freelance team to do a series of ads. This is the first one we produced.
When Altera decided to target their PLD products to specific market segments, they called on The Uhlan Group —who in turn called on me for my extensive knowledge of the networking market. I came up with the market positioning, concept, and copy for this ad—which ran in both single and 2-page formats. Even several years after this ad ran, the networking industry continues to be one of Altera's most important markets.